Chicago Tribune: How to share files between networked Linux machines

[ Thanks to Ken Linder
for this link. ]

“Q: I have multiple Linux computers on my local network and
I often need to access documents stored on one machine from a
different computer.
I have been using FTP to copy the files I
need, but is there anything better?”

“A: … The Network File System (NFS) was developed at Sun
Microsystems to solve precisely that problem; it allows users to
access remote file systems just as if they were local to their
NFS has become a de facto standard for sharing
filesystems over a network on Unix and Linux networks.”

“While Samba is available to allow similar filesystem sharing
between Unix/Linux and Windows machines, we will concentrate on NFS
in this article. We’ll use Red Hat Linux 6.x as an example
platform, but most of this information will apply to any Linux

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