Chicago Tribune: Linux emerges from hiding

“The popular open-source system is coming out of the wiring
closets and into the mainstream.”

“‘One of the most interesting things about Linux is that we’re
finding clients are using it, but not necessarily under the
watchful eye of the chief information officer — it’s in wiring
closets and server rooms.'”

“– John Prial, director of integrated solutions and Linux
marketing at IBM”

“Running on computers hidden in dark wiring closets and chilled
server rooms throughout the wired world, for more than a year Linux
has been delivering the mail, juggling the print queues, guarding
the networks and serving the Web sites of businesses on the
electronic frontier.

“Often keeping the fact secret from the top brass,
technology-savvy systems administrators have begun using Linux
because they find it reliable, cheap and easily customized.”

“Now Linux is coming out of the closet.”

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