Chosun Ilbo, Korea Herald & Korea Times: Red Hat Korea

[ Thanks to Randy for this report.

First I’ve heard of “Red Hat Korea.” Yet, I’m not surprised at
this after Red Hat’s move into Japan. But this is an interesting
combination…..Kasan is the same company that has partnered with
Corel (rebel.com) to sell Corel’s version of Debian. Kasan’s
web site has links to Corel,
NetWinder and Microsoft.

This a very short
; here’s all of it:

“Redhat, the global leader in the market for Linux operating
system products, plans to enter the Korean market. Oh Bong-hwan,
the president of Kasan Electronics, said Thursday that his firm
hasexchanged letters of intent with Linux for the joint
establishment of Redhat Korea next month. Redhat Korea will sell
Redhat software for the free Linux O/S and provide related
educational and technological support. Oh said the starting capital
of the new firm will come to about W5 billion, with the Korean
partner to contribute 51% of that amount. Redhat occupies about a
60% share of the global market for Linux commercial products.”

The Korea Herald and Korea Times both have longer articles. The
Herald one talks about “training and certification.” And the Times
article mentions Kasan has trademarked Red Hat in Korea…Hmmmm