CircuitCellar: Linux Lessons [An embedded engineer takes Linux for a (favorable) spin]

“…My observations and recommendations? Don’t install Linux on
a mission-critical system. Plan to try different versions. Perhaps
you and your friends could each get a different type and compare
notes. Read the directions through a couple of times before you
start. Don’t think of Linux in the same way as Windows. It’s a
stable safe system, but not all encompassing yet. And, plan to run
Linux in the near future.”

For the past 10 years, we (embedded engineers) have lived
in the wake of the PC and Windows (WINTEL). I feel that the PC is
taking a market-driven path that we will no longer be willing or
able to follow. Linux today has everything we need and will only
keep getting better. It’s virtually free and open-sourced. And,
Linux is text-based so the compilers and editors really

“I’ve left out all the details of the installation. I was
installing last year’s, and it doesn’t seem to be of much value
because you’re going to be using at least a 2000 vintage. Also,
there have been several Linux articles in Circuit Cellar over the
past couple of years, so check them out if you?re truly

“I’ll get off my soapbox. I’m looking at a new schematic and
artwork package. I think I’ll try to get a Linux version.”


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