Cisco: Open Source Friend?

TechIQ: Cisco Finally Open to Open Source; Mulls Deeper
Microsoft Relationship

“The VAR Guy is shocked and impressed. During several meetings
with Cisco over the past year, the company made little–if
any–mention of open source. But the company is finally waking up
to the open source community, or at least the software

“During a chat with reporters that’s occurring right now in
Dublin, Ireland, Cisco VP Edison Peres assured attendees that Cisco
wanted to have an open approach to software partnerships, and
mentioned the ‘open source’ term without being prompted…”

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The Open Source Advocate: Cisco Reseller Insults Open

“I just received an email from a Cisco vendor who is pitching a
new product that Cisco has acquired. Within this email, the vendor
discredits open source in a couple different ways. Here is some of
the content of that email:

“Scalability–Our operating system supports up to 10k
simultaneous connections per appliance regardless of hardware
platform. We developed our own OS (AsyncOS) and do not rely on
Linux, Sendmail etc…”

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