CNET News.com: Big Blue sees a server in the workstation

“IBM says its RS/6000 line of workstations is alive and
well–but with fierce competition in the workstation realm, Big
Blue may strike it richer repackaging its workstation as a

“The innards of IBM’s model 150 RS/6000 workstation are the
basis for the company’s “Pizzazz” server that will debut this

“IBM has said the thin and rack-mountable Pizzazz servers
will be
released with specific software packages designed to
make them good for specific tasks such as being a protective
firewall or caching network data.”

“… Microsoft promotes Interix, a company that sells a version
of Unix that runs on top of a very basic layer of Windows NT…
even Microsoft acknowledges Unix and Windows workstations will live
side-by-side in coming years.”

“In the high-end number-crunching realm of workstations, Holz
predicted there soon will be only two chips left in the market:
IBM’s PowerPC family and Compaq’s Alpha.

“The upcoming 64-bit chips from Intel, Holz said, won’t measure