CNET News.com: Caldera delays IPO, hikes price

“Linux seller Caldera Systems raised its initial public
offering share price but delayed the offering until

“The company initially expected to sell 5 million shares at a
price between $7 and $9 apiece, but today it raised the range to
$10 to $12, the company said in a Securities and Exchange
Commission filing.”

“Increasing the share price–which happened with Linux companies
Red Hat, VA Linux Systems, Andover.Net and Cobalt Networks–is
generally an indication of demand for the shares. It also means
that Caldera could potentially raise $60 million instead of just
$45 million.”

“That schedule means the IPO likely will take place the same day
Caldera releases a new version of its desktop edition of Linux,
called eDesktop. The version is part of a two-tier strategy Caldera
is taking with its software, aiming one version at servers and one
at client computers.”

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