CNET News.com: Caldera updates OpenLinux amid Red Hat surge

“Caldera Systems today announced an updated version of its
OpenLinux software, even as rival Red Hat began work on its next
version. On the business side of things, Caldera Systems seems to
be only a few steps behind Red Hat, the first publicly traded Linux
company, and may make an initial public offering later this

Caldera’s OpenLinux 2.3 features several tweaks,
including modifications to the Lizard installation program,
which allows OpenLinux talk to more video and sound cards
said Erik Hughes, a Caldera product director. It also offers
better choices during installation, including options for home
users, business users, servers, and software developers.

Caldera released the Lizard program as open source last month,
meaning that anyone may use and modify the software.”

“Red Hat may have got the jump, but Caldera Systems appears to
want a piece of the same action with a public offering of its own.
An industry source said the company plans an IPO by the end of this
year, perhaps as soon as the end of November.”

“Caldera and Red Hat may be similar in some ways, but their
product focus is different. Where Caldera has chosen to focus on
relatively unsophisticated users, Red Hat sees big opportunity in
expanding into ever more powerful servers.

That could change in coming months, with the release of a new
version of Caldera Systems’ Linux aimed specifically at servers.
‘We’re working feverishly on completing that product,’ Hughes said.
‘The main target will be the ‘back office’ and enterprise
deployment.’ “