CNET News.com: Dell servers target lucrative markets

“Dell Computer has fleshed out the high end of its
Intel-based server line with products that make it easier to gang
together several machines.”

“One new product, based on a deal Dell signed in May with
Giganet, is a high-speed switch that lets several servers
communicate with each other. The other product, based on a March
deal with NuView, helps administrators manage lots of clusters. The
products fit into a new plan Dell is calling its Scalable
Enterprise Computing architecture.”

“Dell, though it has been historically tightly aligned with
Windows, is starting to expand into Unix servers. It currently
sells some servers with Red Hat’s version of Linux, and chief
executive Michael Dell said the company is considering adding a
commercial version of Unix when Intel’s Merced chip arrives next

In the future, Dell plans to extend its Scalable Enterprise
Computing architecture to include Unix systems as well…”