CNET News.com/Gartner: Commentary: After SCO deal, Caldera needs a Linux-Unix vision

“Caldera Systems’ plan to purchase the server and services units
of struggling Unix vendor Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) puts a new
spin on the evolution of Linux. To succeed, however, Caldera must
articulate a coherent road map for OpenLinux and SCO

“After the initial excitement over newly public Linux companies,
Caldera’s stock price declined, seriously trailed Red Hat, showed
no immediate prospects of profitability, and became part of the
souring investment attitude toward Linux companies over the past
few months….”

As Gartner has predicted, Linux will become more closely
tied to Unix as common features and functions are exploited.

To keep SCO customers from drifting to Windows 2000, Caldera must
deliver a coherent road map for SCO’s OpenServer and Caldera’s
OpenLinux and must clarify the data center UnixWare strategy for
Intel’s IA-64 processors (from SCO’s work on Project

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