CNET News.com: Hackers answer Microsoft’s Windows 2000 dare

Hackers have answered Microsoft’s dare and disabled part of
a Windows 2000 server, but both sides are claiming

“The most serious computer crackers won’t participate in such
challenges because they don’t want to show their hand, Klaus said.
“Some people who know how to break in may not want to disclose all
their secrets,” Klaus said. “If a robber has a master key to break
into every building in the world, he’s not going to go to the FBI
and demonstrate…”

“Davey thought it notable that the Microsoft server initially
made no mention of the ASP problems. “Why don’t you guys mention
any of the ASP downtime that we have documented?” he asked in an
email to Microsoft. Notification of the attack appeared on the Web
site at 10 a.m. today, after CNET News.com called Microsoft about
the attack.”