CNET News.com: Intel broadens its Linux investment strategy

“Intel has invested in a Linux company that’s helping to bring
the open-source operating system to Intel’s XScale chips.”

“Intel’s investment in Sunnyvale, Calif.-based MontaVista
Software will help advance Linux technology and products for
embedded computing devices that use the XScale chip, Intel
spokesman Robert Manetta said today. XScale is the successor to
Intel’s StrongARM chip.”

“Embedded devices span a broad range of non-PC products,
everything from car antilock braking systems to network

Obviously, we want to see a lot of popular software ported
to our architectures, and XScale is a good focus for us
Manetta said. He wouldn’t disclose the size of the investment but
said Intel typically invests between $1 million and $10 million in
a company.”

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