CNET News.com: Linux is star attraction in next week’s IPOs

Some investors have singled out Cobalt Networks as the IPO
to watch next week, largely because of the demand for offerings by
Linux-related companies.
The company makes server appliances
that run the Linux operating system.”

“I think it will do well because it’s in a hot area and we’ve
seen some really strong growth in Cobalt’s products,” said Paul
Bard, an analyst with Renaissance Capital’s IPO Fund. “They’re
unique in that they give smaller companies an opportunity to
establish themselves online with low-cost, specialized servers that
can create and host a company’s Web presence…”

“Other Linux-related companies in the IPO pipeline include VA
Linux Systems, a Linux computer maker; Andover.Net, a Linux portal
site; and Linux software distributors LinuxOne and Caldera

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