CNET News.com: Linuxcare wins deal for IBM services

“Linuxcare has won a new contract to back up the Linux offerings
of IBM’s global services division. …will provide 24-hour
technical support for ‘Level 3’ cases–the trickiest jobs… Those
jobs typically require scrutiny and modification of the Linux
‘source code’…”

“The contract is a step ahead for Linuxcare, which is locked in
a battle with Linux seller Red Hat and others to try to win a place
as the preferred provider of Linux services for companies wishing
to use or even customize the Unix-like operating system. Yesterday,
Red Hat expanded its own services to include other open-source
projects besides Linux.”

“Dell Computer is one battleground for the Red Hat and
Linuxcare. Though Red Hat’s version of Linux is preinstalled on
Dell computers, Dell has a contract with Linuxcare to provide
technical support.”

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