CNET News.com: Microsoft stock drops on antitrust findings

“In early trading, the software giant shed 6.81 points, down
nearly 8 percent, at 84.75. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was
also hard hit, down more than 40 points at 10,659.83 in early

“Meanwhile, shares of Red Hat, a leading seller of the Linux
operating system, surged in early trading, jumping nearly 20
percent. Red Hat gained 16.75 at 102.69. Other Microsoft
competitors, including Sun Microsystems and database software maker
Oracle, enjoyed a lift following the news. Shares of Sun were ahead
5.43 at 115.12, and Oracle rose 1.43 at 60.12….”

So, the Red Hats, the Suns [Microsystems] will probably
enjoy good days being that Microsoft is under such government
,” he said.”

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