CNET News.com: Netpliance changes contract to foil hackers

“Netpliance has changed the terms of its user agreement to
foil consumers who want to use its device as a cheap

“The Austin, Texas-based Internet appliance company, which sells
the inexpensive “I-opener,” said it now requires customers to sign
up for at least 90 days of Internet service at $21.95 a month.
Customers can return the unit within 30 days if dissatisfied but
otherwise face a $499 cancellation fee if they drop service within
the 90-day period.”

“Customers who paid for their I-openers, which sell for $99,
before March 31 are not subject to the new terms, said Munira
Fareed, director of marketing at Netpliance. Those who ordered
before the policy came into effect but had not yet paid have the
option of canceling their orders.”

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