CNET News.com: New strategy challenges Linux firms for real-time computing

“MontaVista Software has launched an initiative to make the
Linux operating system work better in small devices that must
respond to commands immediately, in “real time.” Real-time
operating systems are used to control devices such as a car
engine’s fuel mixture or assembly line robots.”

“The software raises MontaVista’s profile at a critical time, as
both new and established companies are trying to grab as much real
estate as possible in the new market for Linux in non-PC “embedded”

“Leading competitors are Lineo, with a solid start and real-time
Linux expertise, and Lynx, with its well-established but
proprietary LynxOS. Red Hat, probably the best-established Linux
company, also is expanding outside of its stronghold powering

“Although it’s a relative newcomer in real-time and embedded
devices, Linux has a solid future, said Giga Information Group
analyst Carl Zetie. The reason: Linux has the potential to
spread across a wide range of devices instead of being employed
only in specific product categories.

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