CNET News.com: Novell aims directory at Net customers

“Novell will today unveil the latest release of its enterprise
directory, targeted for high-end customers moving from the
enterprise to the Internet.

The expected release, Novell DirectoryService v8, code-named
Scaleable Directory Services (SCADS), is a key underlying service
of the Provo, Utah-based firm’s NetWare operating system. NDS v8 is
a heavy-duty offering designed for Novell’s high-end service
provider (ISP) and carrier customers, as well as internal corporate

“At its annual BrainShare ’99 conference later this month, the
Provo-based firm is expected to demonstrate that NDS v8 can
handle 1 billion entries.
The existing version of NDS can
handle 500 million entries.

Novell has already been busy building momentum for NDS. The
company has completed a version of NDS that can reside on top of a
Windows NT-based system as well as another for the Solaris version
of Unix from Sun Microsystems. It also has plans to integrate
OS/390 mainframe software from IBM, a Unix version built
by Hewlett-Packard, and a Linux offering from Caldera.

Novell has also signed on networking equipment providers Lucent
Technologies, Cisco Systems, and Nortel Networks to support NDS.
And it has added IBM subsidiary Tivoli Systems and PeopleSoft to
the list of third parties that plan to integrate with NDS.”