CNET News.com: Server paves the way for Corel Linux

“Rebel.com is set to unveil the first server computer based on
the diminutive NetWinder line the company acquired from Corel, a
step toward the latter’s offering an easy-to-use version of

“Wednesday at Comdex Canada, Rebel.com will announce an
all-in-one server appliance that will cost between $1,000 and
$1,500. The systems will fit into Corel’s plan to offer a
novice-friendly version of Linux tailored for super-cheap
computers, said Michael Whitehead, vice president of marketing at

“The NetWinder plans illustrate two divergent areas in which
Linux has grown popular: inexpensive computers kept even cheaper by
avoiding the Microsoft Windows licensing fee, and ‘server
appliances’ designed to make it easy for people to take set up
their own networks.”