CNET News.com: SGI chief hints at next steps in comeback

“SGI will provide an update to its recovery plan in two weeks
time, detailing its Linux plans, possible partnership deals, and an
overall product and services strategy for the Internet, according
to chief executive Rick Belluzzo.”

“The company will contribute work to beef up the Linux operating
system so it supports SGI’s ccNUMA architecture, SGI’s take on a
method for designing services that allows a manufacturer to cram
hundreds of processors into one machine. The credibility of NUMA
(non-uniform memory access) as a concept has risen in light of
IBM’s plans to acquire NUMA server maker Sequent, he added.”

“SGI plans to introduce its new Intel-based servers in early
August running both Linux and Microsoft Windows NT operating
systems, the company has previously said. But according to Merrill
Lynch analyst Steve Milunovich, ‘SGI will lead with Linux but offer
Windows NT as an add-on.'”

“‘We think Linux is important,’ Belluzzo said. ‘We think it’s
the operating system of the Internet. The opportunity is to make
Linux more powerful, which we intend to do.’