CNET News.com: Sun’s Microsoft Office competitor delayed

“The acquisition of office productivity software maker Star
Division cost Sun Microsystems $73.5 million, but the product
resulting from that deal will be delayed, the company disclosed in
a [SEC] filing today.”

“Sun’s long-term strategy with Star Office, the product acquired
from Star Division, is to offer it as software that resides on a
server computer. Clients–Windows PCs and a number of other types
of computers–could then tap into the word processor, spreadsheet,
and other software components via the Internet.

But that new version of Star Office, called Star
, will be a little late, Sun said. Initially, Sun
expected it to arrive by the end of 1999, but
programming and testing activities mean that only a test
version will be available then. The final version will ship in the
first half of 2000…”

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