CNET News.com: Sun’s new Solaris takes aim at Microsoft

“Solaris 8, the new edition of Sun’s version of Unix, will
become generally available that month, product manager Tom Goguen
said in an interview today. But Sun is trying to prime the pump
with a new program: Starting November 27, anyone who is so inclined
will be able to begin beta testing on Solaris 8 for about

“The timing of Sun’s Solaris announcement isn’t coincidental,
said Jonathan Eunice, an analyst with Illuminata. “It’s a poke in
the side [at Microsoft],” he said.”

“Sun chief operating officer Ed Zander said that Solaris 8 is
“years ahead of NT,” in a conference call last month. Future Sun
server computers using the company’s upcoming UltraSparc III
“Cheetah” chips will use Solaris 8, he said.”

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