CNET News.com: Transmeta to help AMD push into servers

“Under a complex deal yet to be announced, sources say AMD is
sending to software developers computers that run on competitor
Transmeta’s Crusoe processor and contain a special version of
Transmeta’s “code-morphing” software. The computers are designed to
run a program that simulates AMD’s upcoming server chip, called
Sledgehammer, the sources said.”

“In turn, Transmeta has obtained a license that will allow it to
make chips that rely in part on the Sledgehammer design.”

“The Sledgehammer simulator is crucial to AMD’s plans to break
into the lucrative server market. With a software simulation of the
chip, developers can tweak their programs so they can release
products when Sledgehammer emerges commercially in the first half
of 2002. AMD will also come out with a version for desktop
computers called ClawHammer, the company has said.”

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