CNN: A supercomputer in every garage?

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for this link. ]

“Have you ever wanted your very own shock-proof supercomputer
for crash-free gaming or Web browsing? Or one that you can put in
the basement to quietly control your home security system, power a
network, and play digital movies?

“It could happen soon, says Patmos International.”

“Patmos says the Perpetua is even less expensive, in part
because it uses 200-MHz K6-2 chips from Advanced Micro Devices,
connected by a 1-gigabit-per-second Fibre Channel bus.

“The $99,000 model has 11 processors, but Patmos also sells a
four-CPU Perpetua for around $19,000.”

“Patmos’s Limbix software, based on the Linux operating system,
monitors and manages workloads using neural networking and fuzzy
logic, two artificial intelligence methods. Because it is based on
the Intel x86 platform, the Perpetua can run Windows, UNIX, and
Linux programs — simultaneously.”

“What attracted me to the Perpetua is that it uses
artificial intelligence extensions to a Linux operating system to
do intelligent load balancing, and that’s unique,”
McNatt, who follows supercomputing vendors.”

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