CNN: Linux rivals Windows in land of the rising sun

“In a mark of the rising open source-code movement, a single
version of Linux has outsold the upgraded version of Microsoft’s
Windows 98 operating system in Japan for the past three weeks,
according to a market research company.”

“The TurboLinux Workstation J 4.0, released earlier this month
in Japan, has outsold Microsoft’s Windows 98 upgrade in Japan,
reports Business Computer News, which analyzed sales at more than
200 major computer stores throughout Japan.”

“The figures show TurboLinux J. 4.0 with a 24 percent market
share to the Windows 98 upgrade’s 13 percent for the week of July 3
to July 9. The figure slips to nearly 20 percent for TurboLinux
versus 12 percent for the Windows product for the week of July 17
to July 23.”