CodeWeavers Releases CrossOver and CrossOver Games 9.2

[ Thanks to Tom
for this link. ]

“Less than a month after Firaxis released its highly
anticipated and acclaimed Civilization 5, CodeWeavers, Inc. today
announced the release of CrossOver Games 9.2, enabling gamers to
play the game on Linux and Mac operating systems.

“Based in Saint Paul, Minn., CodeWeavers is a leading developer
of software products that turn Mac OS X and Linux into
Windows-compatible operating systems. Its CrossOver software allows
Windows software to be used on Mac and Linux PCs without the need
for a Windows operating system license.

“”Civilization 5 is pure turn-based pleasure, and I personally
couldnt wait for it to arrive” said Jon Parshall, chief operating
officer at CodeWeavers. “As soon as we opened it up, we unleashed
our programming ninjas to upgrade CrossOver so Linux loyalists and
Mac lovers can join in on the good times.

“Current CrossOver subscribers can hit our site for a free 9.2
upgrade. New customers? Welcome aboard!” Parshall added. Now, if
youll excuse me, King Bernie Smedley is busily leading the virtuous
Smedleyites to a glorious victory over the hated Carthaginians. Its
all part of our ongoing commitment to testing and quality

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