Computer Bits: The unimaginable revisited

Trying to making bold predictions about the future of Linux
is tough business. Things are changing so fast that most
predictions become stale within a few months if not weeks or even
In an attempt to avoid this trap last December, I tried
to stretch my imagination to the breaking point and see if I could
come up with some predictions that had a chance of remaining fresh
for an extended period. It’s time to look back and see how I

“My first group of predictions were actually not so bold. I
classified them as inevitable. Of the four, we have a definitive
result on only one, IBM’s deal with TurboLinux. The other three are
still in progress…”

“In my second group of predictions, I tried to identify items
that I thought had a reasonable chance of not coming true in the
very near future. I identified these as being still unimaginable. I
was burned by Lotus, but, otherwise, I’m still in pretty good