ComputerWire: IBM Unmoved by SCO Linux Wrangle

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“IBM Corp appears unconcerned about SCO Group Inc’s recent
announcement that Linux users could be held liable if it proves
that Linux operating system code violates its Unix intellectual

“Scott Handy, IBM director of Linux solutions marketing,
software group, told ComputerWire that there has been ‘no change’
in IBM’s attitude toward Linux, and that the company is still
‘actively behind Linux and continuing to sell it as usual.’

“Handy said he could not comment directly on whether or not IBM
believes SCO to have a case, due to the existing litigation between
SCO and IBM. SCO recently launched a $1bn legal action against IBM,
accusing it of IP violation and breach of licensing agreements.
However, Handy did say that IBM remains ‘extremely comfortable’
with all of its licensing arrangements…”

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