Computerworld: Compaq explains move to drop NT for Alpha

BOSTON – Compaq vice president Marion Dancy discusses in an
Q&A session with Computerworld why the company decided to end
development of Windows NT on Alpha and the company’s plans for the
customers affected.

“Q: What kind of migration programs and options? A: If a
customer has an Alpha server running NT, we will offer them a free
licence to Tru64 Unix, OpenVMS or Linux — where it is validated on
Alpha servers. The other thing we will do is offer trade-ins with
various discounts depending on how long [customers] have had those
systems. There will be different scenarios. In some cases,
customers will get free trade-ins.”

“Q: How well has Linux been taking off on Alpha? A: Linux is
a clear volume opportunity for Alpha, and we are seeing a great
interest in it.”