ConsortiumInfo: ODF Alliance Continues to Grow and Build Out

“As you may recall, a new organization called the ODF Alliance
was formed on March 3 of this year to support the uptake of the
OpenDocument Format (ODF) by governments. It’s formation was in
large part intended to make the adoption of ODF less difficult for
future states (and less dangerous for state CIOs) than it had been
for Massachusetts last year. Yesterday, the ODF Alliance issued a
press release announcing that it has more than tripled its
membership to 138, and has also appointed a Managing Director.

“As I reported one month ago today when I decided to look in on
the Alliance a few weeks after its launch, this highly targeted
initiative got off to a very rapid start. It appears that the pace
of recruitment has slowed (membership leaped from 38 to 113 in the
first two and a half weeks, while an additional 25 members have
joined in the past month), but I expect that the rate of
recruitment may pick up again with the addtion of the new Managing
Director, Marino Marcich…”

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