Consulting Times: Reviewing the Novell Linux Desktop

[ Thanks to Tom
for this link. ]

“While installing the Novell desktop, I felt a rush of
excitement. The screen displays reminded me of many SuSE Linux
installations, but the Novell logo took me back to a fonder time
when I started work on becoming a Certified Novell Engineer.
Opening my first Novell training manuals back in 1993 provided a
lot of excitement too.

“After getting over the first waves of enthusiasm, I remembered
that this exercise provided an opportunity to evaluate the Novell
Linux Desktop (NLD). I began taking notes and discovered a
familiarity with the process. Soon, I faced choices on how I would
install NLD. Novell gave me a choice of KDE or Gnome. If I didn’t
know which one to choose, the screen said to ask my administrator.
Now, I realized this was an enterprise desktop not one for end