Consumer Electronics Linux Initiative Starts

[ Thanks to Steven J.
for this link. ]

“LTSI will provide a common Linux base for use in a variety of
consumer electronics products. Its purpose is to create and
maintain a long-term industry tree, which will be stable for the
typical lifetime–two to three years–of a consumer
electronics product.

“According to the Linux Foundation, ‘The LTSI tree is expected
to be the usable base for the majority of embedded systems, as well
as the base for ecosystem players (e.g., semiconductor vendors,
set-vendors, software component vendors, distributors, and
system/application framework providers). The LTSI project will
combine the innovative features in newer kernels needed by CE
vendors with a stable kernel, while helping those vendors get their
code upstream to benefit the entire Linux community. The goal is to
reduce the number of private trees currently in use in the CE
industry and encourage more collaboration and sharing of
development resources.'”

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