CorporateIT: International Trucks turns to Linux

“With nearly 560 employees, 90 dealer franchises and an annual
revenue of $250 million, International Trucks is one of the
country’s biggest manufacturers of haulage vehicles. Based in
Melbourne, it has additional branch offices in Sydney, Adelaide,
Brisbane and Auckland as well as one in Melbourne’s western
suburbs. Since 1992, it has been part of the multinational Iveco
Group, the truck manufacturing arm of automobile giant Fiat…”

“It came down to a choice between NT or Linux, and when you
start looking at the cost of transferring one operating system to
another, Linux was massively cheaper than NT. We have justified
this entire project on the basis that the three-year rental cost of
a replacement server, and additional equipment required, is less
than the maintenance charges for the Wang VS…”

“Given that Linux is relatively new to the corporate
consciousness, the company initially viewed its new application
platform — Red Hat Linux 5.2 running on a standard Dell server —
with a healthy dose of caution. The ported application has been
tested at International Trucks’ Laverton, Victoria service location
for nearly five months in order to assess its viability for rollout
within the other branches. Since then, says Charles, the Linux
server’s 100% uptime has changed the company’s thinking

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