Cosource Digest: Frustration-forum

[ Thanks to Norm for
this link. ]

Have you ever had a problem with an Open Source package,
but not known how to get it fixed? Maybe you are sick of a
frustrating bug that does not seem to get resolved.
Or perhaps
you would simply like to have a package enhanced to suit your own
needs, but aren’t exactly sure of how to describe the fix you

“Cosource.com has created the Frustration-forum
newsgroup/mailing list to help you and the Open Source community
solve these problems.”

“The Frustration-forum is where you can:

  • Post reports on problems you are having with Open Source
    technologies, in plain, non-technical language;
  • Discuss your likes and dislikes regarding current Open Source
    software offerings;
  • Exchange lengthy threads about Open Source topics…”