Create a Cheap and Effective Monitoring System with Ubuntu Linux and webcam_server

“On a tight budget, but want to monitor your business, home, or
maybe just your baby’s room? Using Linux and the webcam_server
project, you can set up a poor man’s monitoring solution quickly
and easily.

“Setting up a system to broadcast pics or video from a Webcam
may sound like quite a challenge. Believe it or not, it’s really
fairly easy to get up and running. All you need is a Linux machine
(In this case, Ubuntu), a Web server (Apache), a webcam, and a
little tool called webcam_server. Once you are done, you can point
that Webcam to your target and then view it from within a browser.
If your machine housing the server is available to the outside
world, you can share that link or view it from anywhere you have
access to a Web browser, including your mobile device!

“Let’s get this up and running.”

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