Creating Macros Without Scripting in LibreOffice and OpenOffice.org

“If you find yourself doing the same task over and over again in
LibreOffice (or OpenOffice.org), you need to learn about macros.
Whether it’s inserting the same text over and over, formatting
text, or any other task where multiple keystrokes or actions are
necessary you can save time by creating a macro. LibreOffice (and
OpenOffice.org before it) include an outstanding Macro tool that
allows you to quickly create and manage macros that will ease the
burden of repetitive tasks.

“Many users will see the word “Macro” and want to run screaming
or break down weeping at the thought of having to actually “write a
macro.” We’re not programmers! Good news — with LibreOffice
(or OpenOffice.org), you don’t have to write a single piece of
script. The open source office suites have a simple to use Macro
recording engine as well as a fine tool to keep all of your macros
organized for easy access.”

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