Creating Planets and Planetary Rings in GIMP

[ Thanks to An
Anonymous Reader
for this link. ]

“This tutorial is very easy and the end result is all
about what you prefer, so have fun playing around with colour and

1. Download Texture + Import

* Download this rust texture from CG Textures (you will have to
make a free account, but worth it!)
* Bring it into GIMP on a 1600px x 1200px document, go File ->
Open As Layers… (Ctrl+Alt+O)
* Apply Motion Blur, go Filters -> Blur -> Motion Blur:
Linear, Length 256, Angle ~30, repeat 2-3 times for a smoother
* Then, crop your layer to around a third the size of your page –
use the Crop Tool: Fixed Ratio, Current Layer Only:”

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