Creative Releases a New v1.18 Beta Driver for X-FI Cards

[ Thanks to AzP for
this link. ]

“Creative has received a lot of comments and rants (a lot of
them well earned) from the Linux community for not supporting their
X-FI cards on the GNU/Linux platform. Earlier, in august 2007, they
did a release of a Beta driver, that seemed to leave a lot to wish
for, even being a Beta driver. It was only released for 64 bit
systems, and didn’t work for a lot of users. You want proof? Just
check the forums at Creative.

“Now they’ve released a new Beta driver, even using the same
version number. This was released for both 32 and 64 bit Linux,
which at least caters to 50% of all the forum posts in their (very)
lively forum…”

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