CRN: 1999 CRN Mutual Fund littered with Linux

“‘We expect investor awareness [of Linux] to increase with the
Red Hat [Software Inc.] IPO,’ said Tobia, adding that investors
will ‘respond accordingly’ to Corel.”

“Joining Tobia in playing the Linux and IPO cards is Hambrecht
& Quist Senior Analyst Christopher Galvin. Now in 12th place
with $110,037, Galvin aims to replicate the performance of
colleague and 1998 champion Todd Bakar. For his new three-month
buys, Galvin also selected Corel, plus Westboro, Mass.-based Applix
Inc., which in June created a division that will source and brand
Linux-based products.”

“…underpinning his pick of Toronto-based Corel is investors’
increasing bullishness on Linux, an operating system on which Corel
is building many of its products, said Tobia.”