CRN: DOJ Ends Cross-Examination Of Star Witness

“The three-day cross-examination played out like an extended
cat-and-mouse game, with Boies’ attempting to paint a pattern of
anticompetitive behavior against Microsoft…”

“Boies… introduced a Washington Post article where the CEO of
Red Hat Software, Bob Young, is quoted as saying Microsoft must be
“desperate” to hold up a Linux box in court as being a competitor
to Windows.””

“Maritz said. “Linux is not just a phenomenon of 100 kids in the
hills of North Carolina [where Red Hat is located]. It’s up to a
large army of people developing software in the name of the open
source software movement.””

“U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson, who is
presiding over the case, later asked Maritz to explain his concern
about the open source software movement, asking if it consisted of

“Maritz described it as more “like the village blacksmiths of
the world suddenly getting together and building axles [and other
parts] and now feeling like they can take on General Motors.””