CRN: Einux Ups Rack Density with Four [Linux] Servers in 1U Space

“The goal of the unit is to enable ISPs and ASPs to squeeze
up to 160 servers into a standard 19-inch, 41U rack
, said
Wong. At that density, he estimated that in a three-year period
a customer could save more than $100,000 in data center rental
costs compared to using 1U servers
, or more than $540,000
compared to using 4U servers.”

“The key to the SLinux server design is controlling heat, said
Wong. This is accomplished by using a thermal-electric mechanism
instead of a heat sink to move heat away from the processor. The
server also has specially designed tunnels for airflow. Several
components were designed out of the system to reduce motherboard
size as well, Wong added.”

“…the SLinux does include a cluster management client, along
with a hot-swap hard drive and fan capability to allow redundancy
and failover. … Pricing for the SLinux starts at $5,995,
including four complete servers in the box. At this price, each
server will contain a 500MHz Celeron processor, 128 Mbytes of RAM,
Linux, a browser, and a 10-Gbyte hard drive. The product is
expected to ship in May.”