CRN: Microsoft, Intel Team Up On Multifunction Appliance [with NT Embedded]

“The Intel InBusiness Small Office Network will be powered by
yet another iteration of Windows, this one for small business.
…essentially is a renamed version of Windows NT Embedded OS, with
some additional features culled from Microsoft’s proxy server for
Internet access and firewall features and from Windows 2000 such as
disk mirroring, continuous backup and plug and play

“Small Office Network is an Intel-branded solution, but
Microsoft will try to build up the Windows for Express Networks
brand name as an appliance operating system. As such, it will take
on Linux and other appliance operating systems head on.”

” ‘It’s a network in a box,’ said Vince Mendillo, lead product
manager for Windows NT Embedded. Windows for Express Networks is
superior to Linux because it incorporates features designed for
small businesses
, Mendillo said. ‘It takes an hour to set
the box up and connect up to 15 PCs.’ “