CRN: Microsoft Janus Will Follow Win 2000 Rollout

Thanks to dmitchell for this

“Microsoft’s planned launch of its Windows 2000 server this fall
will be a modest prelude to a planned Unix killer that will debut
next year.

“Janus, the code name ascribed to the company’s Windows 2000
Data Center Server under development, will feature advanced
clustering services such as robust fail-over and load balancing
features as well as support for 16 processors out of the

“One VAR said Janus will let Windows 2000 play in the big
leagues. “This is supposed to have the power of Unix…
Microsoft is afraid of Linux and they need this new product to
be more robust, stable, and Web-oriented.
Linux today is a toy
techies play with but as it matures and becomes more user friendly,
it will be a more serious threat. [Janus] will build upon [the]
base of NT with Unix-like power and compatibility.”