CRN: Silicon Graphics At A Crossroads

“Silicon Graphics Inc. is looking at a new strategy, new
products and a new message,with a new chief executive and many of
the same old questions. …the company he is taking over is losing
money, going through its second major marketing makeover in three
years, and reeling from a shakeup at its upper-executive

“Among other things, Silicon Graphics is focusing on
leveraging its core, but long-held, proprietary technology in
supercomputing with the growing world of open systems, including
the Linux operating system.”

“One move illustrative of the new Silicon Graphics is its
contract to provide a 128-node Linux cluster for the Ohio
Supercomputer Center, Columbus, Ohio. The system will be preloaded
with SGI Linux Environment with Red Hat Linux 6.0 on an SGI 1400L
server. The system will enable Ohio scientists, teachers and
engineers to use Ohio’s Beowulf cluster ‘as a starting point into
scalable high-performance computing,’ the company said.”