CRN: Sketchimg the future of Linux — Growing popularity of OS stresses need for certification

“Vendors such as Red Hat Software Inc., Research Triangle Park,
N.C., and Caldera Inc., Orem, Utah, offer five-day courses leading
to certificates focused on their strands of Linux distribution.
More commonly, however, Linux vendors such as Debian rely on user
groups and E-mail lists for support.”

“Several Linux groups are working to address the certification
issue. In fact, a grassroots and corporate movement is working to
form the basis for a Linux Certified Engineer (LCE), said Art Tyde,
president of LinuxCare, a San Francisco-based company that offers
24 x 7 support contracts for most Linux variants.”

” As mentioned, Red Hat and Caldera offer their own Linux
certification. The Red Hat Certified Engineer logo is gained
through a five-day training and certification course that provides
hands-on training on Red Hat Linux 5.2. The course is intended for
Unix- and Linux-experienced users, networking specialists, and
systems administrators who want to hone their skills on Red Hat
Linux. The $2,500 course is offered several times a year at the
company’s Durham, N.C., training center.

Caldera launched its Education Services program in 1998 when it
began offering Linux training to promote Linux as a viable business
solution. The company is building a network of Authorized Education
Partners to provide professional Linux training. For instance,
Caldera’s five-day Linux System Administration course targets VARs
and system administrators seeking Linux training. The $2,000 course
is not specific to any particular Linux distribution and presents
information on using Linux in a commercial environment, the company
said. “