Day 11 in the SCO v. Novell Trial, Monday, March 22, 2010, Tibbitts, LaSala – as text

“This is the transcript of day 11 of the SCO v. Novell trial, as
text, the second Utah trial that began on Monday, March 8, 2010 and
ran for 15 days, Monday through Friday, for three weeks, with the
Hon. Ted Stewart presiding.

“This day, then, is Monday, March 22, the beginning of the final
week of the trial, and the witnesses that day were SCO’s general
counsel, Ryan Tibbitts, SCO’s final witness, and then Novell begins
to put on its case, beginning with its first witness, Joseph A.
LaSala. Here is Groklaw’s eyewitness report from the trial for that

“The most important piece of all the Tibbitts testimony is when
he testified that SCO needs the UNIX and UnixWare copyrights not
only for the products business but for SCOsource. May I point out
that this directly contradicts what SCO’s CEO Darl McBride told the
world in June 2003, when he said SCO didn’t need the copyrights to
go after Linux users? This is something I don’t see Novell
mentioning, at least in today’s materials, but it’s a significant
piece. Let me show you the details, please. In case you were
wondering why the court and the jury didn’t credit SCO’s witnesses,
maybe it’s because they contradicted each other”