Day 2 of the Novell v. SCO Trial

“Today’s trial continued with Chris Sontag still on the stand
with Novell’s Eric Acker conducting redirect. Mr. Acker asked Mr.
Sontag if he’s aware of any code unique to UnixWare that is in
Linux (that is, code not present in SVR4.2 for example). Chris
responded, circuitously, that he is not aware of such.

“Regarding yesterday’s discussion of the SCOTech program to
license the libraries (to allow SCO compiled applications to run on
Linux) Chris admitted no licenses had been issued under that

“When questioned about the 2003 Sun Agreement and Sun’s already
having had licenses for the 30+ pre-APA Unix releases, Mr. Sontag
admitted Sun wanted an agreement that would loosen the
confidentiality provisions on those releases…”