Day 9 of the SCO v. Novell Trial – The Jury Gets to Learn About Earlier SCO Losses in Court

“Let’s continue with the second part of the events of Day 9 at
the second SCO v. Novell trial, before the Hon. Ted Stewart, a
continuation of this article, part 1, where you’ll find the
complete transcript as text. We ran out of space, so you may want
to open up the previous article alongside this one, so you can
follow along with the transcript.

“So we’re still talking about the events on March 18, 2010. When
we left off, Dr. Christine Botosan was on the stand, enduring cross
examination by Novell’s lawyer, Sterling Brennan. I do mean
enduring, because she was very much on the defensive, and as you
will see, it gets worse for her.

“We’ll pick up the narrative right after the court has taken a
break. When the judge returns, but before the jury is brought back,
he brings up again his decision to let Novell mention the previous
Judge Dale Kimball rulings against SCO in this case. SCO in its
appeal is claiming it was error to let the jury hear about all
that, so let’s focus on that part especially.

“Here’s the discussion right after the break:”