DBMS/COPY V7 Beta for Linux

Karsten M. Self

Conceptual Software
has announced the release of DBMS/COPY V7 for Unix, including
Linux. The following is the announcement. I am the list maintainer
for the SAS for Linux list. I have no connection with Conceptual
Software other than as a happy customer.

I’m about ready to release the first beta for DBMS/COPY V7 on
Unix. This will include Linux.

Why should the SAS/Linux crowd be interested in
DBMS/COPY V7? Because it has
DBMS/Program in it. DBMS/Program is a port of my
old PRODAS program into the Windows/Unix world.

With DBMS/COPY V6 for Linux, I had some Motif issues I wasn’t
entirely happy with. With DBMS/COPY V7, I am now using the official
Motif with Static libraries so there is no redistribution licensing

If you are familiar with my PRODAS package, the following
modules are available: program, crosstab, unistat, report, value,
sort, regress, tabulate and transpose.

If you are familiar with SAS,
these modules are similiar to the following SAS procs: data step,
freq, means, summary, univariate, print, format, sort, tabulate,
rsq, stepreg, reg, transpose

A macro language is also implemented. There are additional
interesting features which I will not bore you with now.

Bottom line, this beta should interest you if you manipulate
multiple input and output databases, need by group processing,
read/write poorly structured ASCII files, need to do “data step”
kinds of things or want to perform tabulations.

If this beta interests you please contact me. Please let me know
what version of Linux you use. And most importantly, do you use
libc5 or glibc.

Thanks for your time.


Henry Feldman [email protected]
Conceptual Software, Inc. (713) 721-4200
9660 Hillcroft #510 fax:(713) 721-4298
Houston, TX 77096 web: http://www.conceptual.com/

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