Debian Administration: Filesystems (ext3, reiser, xfs, jfs) Comparison on Debian Etch

[ Thanks to Heitzso for this link.

“There are a lot of Linux filesystems comparisons available but
most of them are anecdotal, based on artificial tasks or completed
under older kernels. This benchmark essay is based on 11 real-world
tasks appropriate for a file server with older generation hardware
(Pentium II/III, EIDE hard-drive)…

“I found two quantitative and reproductible benchmark testing
studies using the 2.6.x kernel (see References). Benoit (2003)
implemented 12 tests using large files (1+ GB) on a Pentium II 500
server with 512MB RAM. This test was quite informative but results
are beginning to aged (kernel 2.6.0) and mostly applied to settings
which manipulate exclusively large files (e.g., multimedia,
scientific, databases)…”